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If you're interested in Finding out even more about the redheadedrennie(Me) go to this page.

Things Hardly Anyone knows about me( and like anyone really cares)
1. My Middle Name: Joyce, that makes me April Joyce Mitchell
2. Birthday: April 21st , yes  I am a taurus, and in the chinese Zodiac I'm a Dog. I like receiving presents, money, liquor, and other.... ;-)
3. Pets I've Had in my lifetime: 7 dogs, too many cats to count( only one hasn't ran away or been stolen), 1 cockatiel (the bitch bird from hell), a parrot, 1 land tortoise, 2 firebelly newts, and lots o fish. Right now though, 3 dogs 1 cat and the damn bird.
4.Music I Like: I like just about anything involving heavy metal(lots o' 80s metal), techno, trance, new age, celtic, pretty much anything and everything but country and 99 percent of rap.
5.Movies I like: Just about everything, even some war movies, I LOVE action films, and horror flicks are great especially when there is blood and guts.
6. Favorite Holiday(s): Halloween, Fourth of July, and St. Patrick's Day (In No Particular Order)
7. Scents You Wear: Vanilla, sandalwood, patchouli, I don't wear perfume, I wear scented oils, they aren't as overpowering in scent and they last longer
8. Foods I Like: I love Italian, seafood, chinese , some mexican, and of course my meat.. gotta have my meat..ya know like steak and porkchops and ribs and what not..mmmmmmm.....
9.Alcohol Preferences: Well, thanks to a certain Gutterpup, I still don't like the taste of it by itself, but when jagermeister is mixed with Red Bull, jagerbombs are amazing!  I love Hard Cider (Woodchuck) Guinness Beer extra stout, Killian's, Boones Farm Blackberry Ridge, and Tequila Rose... whiskey is great too of course ;-)
10. Hobbies/Activities: I'm a dancer ( I danced in college and I take Irish dance), I sing (soprano 1 & 2 and Alto 1), I play instruments( Flute, piccolo, tin whistle, fife, ocarina, piano and keyboard), I act (I've been in 8 plays in highschool and college), I draw, paint, sculpt(not very well yet), read, I love hiking, dogs( showed dogs in 4-H for at least 5 years), help my mom out with her business( puppy day care ), hanging out with my friends and family, going to see movies, apparently I've been called a music conteseur, I love music in damn near all forms.
11. Did I Go To College? If So what was my major:  Yes I did, still havent graduated yet though, I majored in theatre, then music, and now radio broadcasting because if I can't be a musician I want to be a radio dj
12. What were my main studies in highschool: Band, choir, drama, journalism, and Art
13.  Very Weird Quirks About Me: Hmmm lets see, I eat feta cheese by the chunk, I dress in renaissance garb  practically every day,  I like making weird cd compilations (for example, the one I am making now entitled "Songs to take your clothing off to"), oh and I absolutely adore men with long hair.. and kilts I am obsessed with men in kilts, especially when they have long hair. And apparently I make friends with bands pretty well.I don't make friends with individuals very well, oh no, I make friends with bands.
14. Seasons I Like: Spring and Autumn. They're beautiful and they are not too hot and not too cold.. though I'd rather be cold than hot because I think you can have more fun warming up than you can cooling off.
15. The Last Five Songs You Listened to : Big Balls-AC/DC. Meatloaf- I Would Do Anything For Love (But I Won't Do That), Living After Midnight-Judas Priest, Iron Maiden- Rhyme of the Ancient Mariner, and One by Metallica
16. TV Shows I Watch: I don't watch a lot of tv, I like music better, but I do watch Charmed, Father of the Pride, Joey, 2 and 1/2 Men and a few others
17. A Theme Song That Describes Myself: "Cherry Pie" by Warrant because I'd love to be some guy's  own personal cherry pie :)
18. One or two of my favorite Movie Quotes: "We're Children of the Underworld, we can't afford to Love." and " The greatest thing there is to learn is to love and be loved in return." -both from the movie Moulin Rouge
19. Books I've read and authors I like: I've read LOTR all three books, all five Harry Potter Books, Ann Rice, Stephen King, the Da Vinci Code, and fantasy sci fi novels. I've also read Willow, the one they made the movie with Val Kilmer.
20. What do I do for a living: I'm a librarian
21. What I want to do for a living: I want to be a musician
22. Something you never tell anyone: I had the opportunity to work at Disney World but I had to turn it down after I had been accepted
23. Whats a Monday night ritual you have: putting blankets and pillows on the floor, getting take out and watching movies.
24. Turn ons I have: my neck, ears, back,  and certain features on men( like their hair for instance)
25. Whats one wish I've made that I wish would come true: That I could travel more, become a successful musician, and meet a guy that I can put up with who will also be able to put up with me.  The man doesn't have to be hopelessly in love with me, I just want one that wants to be with me.
26. What do I look for in a guy: Nice, friendly, outgoing, wild and crazy like myself, loves life, loves animals, has good taste in music, honest, trustworthy, can be a good friend as well as anything else, someone who'll be interested in me for me and not just in what I look like....stuff like that.. I'm getting old, and old people can't be too picky! I just don't want to die alone.

"Will You raise me up will you help me down, can you get me right out of this god forsaken town..can you make things a little less cold? Can you hold me sacred can you hold me tight? Will you colorize my life I'm so sick of black and white, can you make things a little less old? Can you make some magic with your own two hands, can you build an emerald city with these grains of sand, can you give me something I can take home? Can you cater to every fantasy I've got? Will ya hose me down with holy water if I get too hot? Can you take me places I've never known? " - Meatloaf song... a question every woman should ask every propective man...

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