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Redheadedrennie's Poetry

This is some of my original poetry that I have composed over the years. I've got lots more lying around the apartment, when I find it, it will be posted. The ones I have added on here have either been published at or might get published here soon ( I submitted Invisible to the site yesterday, 10/11/04) So let me know what you think! E-mail me at and give me your opinions and criticism!


What if I were invisible?

Would the world just go away?

rapture of solitude,

even if only for a single day.

Even if I weren't visible in it,

time would go on the same.

no voids or hollow empty spaces,

no one even mentioning my name.

Hearts would go on beating,

lovers go on loving.

dreamers keep right on dreaming,

and of course the cheaters cheating.

If I were transparent,

would anybody care?

would I be missed or forgotten,

or would anyone even notice I'm not there?

April Joyce Mitchell


"From Rascal von Hascal"

I see Cernunnos before me with his
outstretched hand,
I know now the end is on its way.
To frolic now in Summerland,
I must leave this world today.

Please, mom, don't cry for me,
I know I'll be ok.
Soon my soul will be flying free,
but back to you I'll someday find a way.

Please play with my toys and sticks,
and chew on them now and again.
Teach your new dogs my old tricks,
They'll be just as faithful until their end.

Without you, mom and dad, I will feel lost.
Your happiness was and is my immediate goal.
You know I'd never hurt you, not at any cost,
I will always be with you in heart, mind, and soul.

April Joyce Mitchell


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"Past, Present, Future"

Sitting in my perfect world,
living in a trance...
You drink the wine, devour the feast,
but don't others deserve a chance?

locking tight your secrets,
The walls of self indulgence surround your life.
Words enflict wounds upon your weathered heart,
might as well be a cruel, piercing knife.

People come and go from you,
but with you their souls remain.
sad, blurry pictures are all that is left in your mind.
Life now, can never be the same.

Sounds, glimpses and whispers linger on the wind,
released from captive memories kept within.
My soul cries to be set free,
from this prison, my heart keeps it in..

April Joyce Mitchell


"All of My Love"

Your smile so sweet,
our love so strong.
When I am lonely,
I am always thinking of you.

When your name is mentioned,
Ifeel a tingle deep inside.
When people ask me why,
I explain,"it's all of my love."

I would never have that love,
if it weren't for you.
You make me feel young and alive,
and I hope it will stay that way forever.

You are my dream come true,
and every day I thank god to have you.
Hopefully somewhere, someday,
you will finally have forever, all of my love.
Aj Mitchell






"I Wish"

I wish I could find a happy place

where the world would just go away.

On this planet none exist,

So I remain in my own personal purgatory every day.


I wish I could fly,

I'd soar high above the clouds,

to some far away place,

leaving behind all the people in crowds.


I wish I were beautiful,

ya know, easy on the eyes.

Horrible words would never hurt me,

and I'd never feel the pain of when my heart cries.


Sometimes I wish I weren't alone,

yeah I do have friends and family who love me,

but there's no one to cuddle with or share a blanket or love,

I wish I had someone who'd say that with me he'd forever be.


April Joyce Mitchell




Here is a poem my friend James put in my guestbook on an old website of mine.. Enjoy....



There once was a man from McNass
Whose balls were made of fine brass
And in stormy weather
They clanked together
And sparks flew out of his ass

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