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Redheadedrennie's Rants and Raves

This page is for the many opinions that tend to spill from my mouth. If you don't like or agree with what I have to say, then you shouldn't be at my website!

I'm getting really fed up with my neighbor. For the sake of not incriminating the person in case they read this, we're going to call her Sherrie. (Sherrie is NOT her real name). See, Sherrie is not right in the head, everyone can tell this is a fact. Not only is Sherrie not right in the head, she's delusional. Somehow she has managed to get it into her mind that she not only has a crush on my boyfriend, but she also thinks he likes her back and is going to leave me for her. I know for a fact that is not true. My boyfriend loves me, and I know this for a fact.(Wow sounding repetitive there for a moment. sorry all) Well, she comes over and knocks on our apartment door, and its usually right after I've left for work, wanting to talk to Rob. Usually he'll lie and say he can't talk, but a friend that is staying at our place for a bit isn't so nice when he answers the door, especially when she wakes him up. I got really fed up with her stopping by, calling, leaving notes, etc...... thinking she is wooing my boyfriend when in fact she is just pissing him off. So Rob and I decided to send her an e-mail through his account(so she knows its actually him saying it and not thinkin I am just lying to her to keep my boyfriend) telling her to back off he doesn't like her in that way ,they are just friends, and that he didn't want to even attempt to be her friend again until she apologized to him and me for her behavior, and making it sound like I didn't know what was going on, but I would as well as the man she is living with, who happens to be her fiancee, because Rob would tell him (and me even though I know). Still no response from her today so she is either listening and not e-mailing or hasn't read it yet, but she did try to knock on our door today, after Rob got home from walking me to work.. Like I didn't see that one coming. The real funny thing is my friend Frankie and I were outside smoking a cigarette tonight when she was coming home and she acted all nice and said hi to me and him, which he's the one who is rude to her and I hate her and she's after my boyfriend, so she thinks she is being sly when we know better. It's just bugging me that she thinks she can even attempt this because she's known since she moved into the building that Rob and I are together, we love each other, and are getting married.....I guess her mental problems are getting worse... By the Gods I wish this whole situation would just end and Rob and I could be happy!

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