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Redheadedrennie's current news- UPDATED ON 12/14/04 Fettucine,Vodka, and Celtic Music.

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02/14/05 HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY! I had a rather interesting night. Had a bunch of people over and we had a party,  I think thats what I call it. Right now we're just kicking back and listening to some Gaelic Storm and chit chatting. Speaking of Gaelic Storm, I get to see them twice in just over a week. 8 days to be exact. My mom, dad, and I  are going on March 8th to Fiddler's Hearth in South Bend Indiana to see them (they had so much fun in November that they want to come back), then on March 16th(day before St. Patrick's Day) they are going to be at the State Theatre in Kalamazoo Michigan and we have tickets to see them then. I am so uber excited! I am planning on having a St. Patrick's Day Party for those who live close enough to me to come over for it. Well I am off to play a game. Oh right, I got wonderful presents from Rob today for V-day.  He made me a watch and matching earings because he is getting into his jewelry making again. I also got to hang out with Stella and DJ this past weekend and had an absolute blast!

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